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The SAFETY 21 Loan Program provides secured loans to farmers with funds to be used to bridge the income gap resulting from losses attributed to Hurricane Michael until federal disaster relief payments are made.

There are three forms required to complete an application package:

  1. Production Loss Verification Form - this form will need to be filled out either by one of our loan specialists or a crop insurance agent or a county extension agent or by FSA.
  2. Operating Credit Continuity Agreement - this agreement must be filled out by your Operating Credit Provider.
  3. Safety 21 Loan Program Application - this form must be filled out completely.

Once these 3 items have been completed, they may be submitted via email to anita@gdaonline.com or faxed to 770-207-4257 or mailed to Georgia Development Authority ATTN: Anita Daniel 1890 Hwy 138, Monroe, GA 30655. Please be sure to save a copy of each for your records.





The Georgia Development Authority (GDA) is ready to serve you.  Our service is available in every county in Georgia.  Banks, Savings & Loan Associations, and Retirement Systems participate in our insured farm loan program.  The Georgia Development Authority was created in 1953 by the Georgia Legislature to help develop opportunities for Georgia farmers. Top dollar loan on security offered. GDA does not interfere with your farming operations. Loan officers are specialists in farm lending. Certified appraisers establish present day value of the farm.




-Fast closing service

-Low closing costs

-Title work done by attorney of your choice          

-No cost to State or Federal Government

-Easy to obtain timber or other releases

-No stock to buy

-Buy land

-Irrigation equipment and wells

-Build or repair farm buildings

-Purchase machinery and equipment

-Build farm ponds

-Education of children

-Establish permanent pastures

-Establish beef, dairy or swine herds

-Refinance debts

-Specialized building for dairy, poultry, swine or beef enterprises





Georgia Development Authority is an equal opportunity lender.

Notice: If you are an individual with a disability who may require
assistance or accommodation in order to participate in or to receive the
benefit of this service, program, or activity, or if you desire more information,
please contact the Monroe office at the above address.